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Inline Anode #104-C


The inline zinc anode is attached to the bonding wire thereby protecting all metal parts against the effects of galvanic corrosion. Available in 1-1/2” and 2”. The see through housing allows the anode to be easily replaced when depleted. No replumbing required. A must for salt water pools. Replacement Anode Kit (No. 104 C-R)

Portable Spa Anode #104-PS NEW


The #104-PS can be installed on 2in PVC Flex or 2in PVC Rigid pipe. PARTS INCLUDED:
1. Flex PVC Support Fitting
2. Bracket
3. Anode Chamber

Zinc Anode Weight #104A


Zinc Anode Weight was designed to stop metal erosion, and plaster discoloration due to galvanic corrosion. Keeps skimmer basket in place. Bolts permanently inside or outside any skimmer basket..

Open Impeller Wrench #101

open impeller wrench

Pool Tool Impeller Wrenches will save time on most pump repair jobs by effortlessly removing pump impellers. • Easy to use. • Will not damage impeller. • Versatile, fits all open faced impellers. • Provides enough leverage to remove even the most stubborn impellers. • Rugged steel and aluminum construction for a lifetime of service, and we guarantee it!

Armature Protector #120

armature protector

Steel cup protects armature ends from bearing puller damage.Made in the U.S.A. ofmachine cold rolled steel.

Main Drain Cover Test Hook #122

test hook

Main Drain Test Mat #125A

test mat

The main drain test mat connects to the telescopic pole and covers main drain to allow periodic testing of an SVRS Device.

Drain Suction Mat #125

drain suction mat

NEW! Creates more suction at the skimmer! • The Main Drain Suction Mat covers main drain to create more suction at the skimmer for easier vacuuming. • Use net to push mat into place and to catch hook for easy removal. • Made of flexible PVC with a stainless steel hook.

Mini Saw #121

mini saw

Mini Hacksaw for tight spot. • This useful hacksaw has a 6” blade to easily cut through PVC or copper pipe where space is limited. • Brightly finished spring steel frame with a high speed steel blade and a rubber finger guard. Replacement Blades (NO.121-R): Long lasting high speed steel. 32 teeth per inch. Package of ten.

Open End Wrenchs #133

open end wrenches

2 Piece SAE Obstruction Wrench set. • “Half moon” shape for accessing hard to reach places. • Drop forged, heat treated, chrome plated steel for a long corrosion resistant life. • Fits all popular pool & spa nut and bolt sizes: 7/16”, 1/2”, 9/16” and 5/8”.

'O' Ring Pick #134

o ring pick

For the removal and installation of 'O' Rings. Made of spring steel. Will not damage 'O' Ring groove. Will not bend or break.

Carbon Fiber Stabilizing Plug #136

carbon plugs

Stabilizing plug for anchor handrails. The plug rounds and strengthens the handrail end so the handrail can be anchored securely. Comes in two sizes 1.90"(136A) & 1.875"(136B).

Ring Rail Stabilizing Plug #140

ring rail stabalizing plug

The anchor will crush the rail causing it to become unstable. Plugs round out the rail providing a strong surface for the anchor. Set of four machined aluminum plugs. For use on S.R. Smith #RRH-100-B

Handrail Stabilizing Plug #148

handrail stabalizing plug

The jig that supports handrails collapses slightly when used, causing the through bolt (and the handrail) to loosen. The Stabilizing Plug, when tapped into the jig, prevents the jig from collapsing and creates a solid area to tighten the nut and bolt against.

Plug 'n Hook #152

plug n hook

A back saving tool! • Fits any tile brush handle. • Hook removes skimmer lids and baskets without bending over. • Designed to plug one skimmer on multiple skimmer systems to increase suction while vacuuming.

Slip x Slip Inline Anode #104-D


Helps protect heaters, pool lights and rails from damage due to galvanic corrosion. Inline zinc anode for new installations - 4 feet of #8 copper bonding wire included.


Portable Spa Spigot Anode
#104-PS Spigot NEW


The #104-PS SPIGOT allows the anode chamber to be glued into a 1” tee. Note: A 1 1/2” or 2” tee can be reduced to accept the 1” spigot.

Zinc Anode Pool Light Protector #104F


Anti Electrolysis Zinc Anode helps protect pool lights from damage due to galvanic corrosion. • Black stain around pool light. • Erosion of the stainless steel light & nitch. • Discoloration of the chrome face plate.

Rail Puller #103

rail puller

For hard to remove grab rails or ladders. Forged steel puller bolts around Grab Rail or Ladder. Just use a 7/8” open end wrench and tighten nuts evenly. The puller will lift the rail out of the anchor socket. Made in USA, Patent Pending.

Magnetic Pole Tips #112-s & #112-p

magnetic pole tips

Pick up nails and other metal objects that are too small to be scooped up by your net and that would otherwise cause ugly, hard-toremove rust stains. • Two styles to choose from: Standard 112-S or Professional 112-P • Durable plastic with a powerful built in ceramic magnet. Will not corrode. • Bright orange color allows pool men to legally carry poles that extend beyond the end of their pick-up trucks.

Magnetic Pole Adapter #112A

mgnetic pole adapter

Snaps onto the end of your Tele-Pole. Picks up metal objects that will cause hard to remove rust stains.

1/8" & 5/32" T-Wrenches #114 & #115

t wrenches

Handy, long lastingT-Handle Hex Wrenches for the pool and spa repairand service trades. • Continuous one piece construction with integral loop handle, provides maximum torque even in areas that are hard to reach. • Made to close tolerances of high quality chrome nickel alloy steel. • Hardened and tempered by a special martempering process for maximum strength. • Long 6” length for accessing hard to reach set screws. This extra long length makes it possible to grind wrench down to a new edge many times.

Spa Jet Cleaner #138

spa jet cleaner

Cleans out hard to reach spa jet orifices. • Specially designed barbed end to make cleaning clogged jets easy. • 3 feet long to reach any spa jet orifice. • Will not corrode.

PVC Wire Saw #139

PVC Pipe Cutter, perfect for tight spots and for quick cuts. No more relying on your hacksaw. The PVC Wire Saw cuts faster and easier and only needs 1/4” clearance in tight spots. Although the PVC Wire Saw cuts with friction-produced heat, it easily cuts through water-filled pipes.

Closed Impeller Kit #141

closed impeller cleaning kit

Unclog hard to clean closed face impellers! No more clogged impellers! Impeller Pick slides smoothly into veins of closed face impellers. Impeller Tweezers specially designed with a 45 degree angle to remove debris caught in the center of closed face impellers. Pouch is designed to be reuseable and to help prevent lost of tools.

Clamp Knob Wrench #143

clamp knob wrench

Removes or tightens clamp knobs on filter tank lids and pumps trainer lids. To ensure even tightening, extra heavy handle can be used to tap clamp band. Made in the U.S.A. of high quality cast stainless steel. 9” long and 3lbs.

Plug Removing Tool #147

plug removal tool

Remove winterizing plugs effortlessly! Specially designed for removal and installation of winterizing plugs.

Eye Ball Seat Removal Tool #181

eye ball seat removal tool

Extra long design reaches deep into fitting to get in recesses slots or provides extra leverage. Any standard 1 -1/2” wall fitting with slots on sides.

Anchor Cup Wire Brush #190

Anchor Cup Wire Brush

Removes corrosion from inside deck anchor cups

Stainless Steel Deck Anchor Cup #PT-600 NEW

deck anch or cup

No more galvanic corrosion between rail and anchor cup. Made of 304 Stainless Steel







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Spigot Anode #104D-Spigot


Slips into any 2” Tee! The inline zinc anode is attached to the bonding wire thereby protecting all metal parts against the effects of galvanic corrosion. The see through housing allows the anode to be easily replaced when depleted.


Anti-Electrolysis Zinc Anode #104B


Elimates plaster staining and metal corrosion due to galvanic corrosion. Permanently bolts to ladder or grab rail below water line. A must for salt water pools.

Zinc Anode Replacement Kit #104R-Kit

replacement anode

The Zinc Anode will sacrifice itself and corrode before all other metals in the pool. In doing so, the anode protects other metal parts from galvanic corrosion. The Zinc Anode will need to be replaced approximately every 3 years or when it is 1/2 its original size. * Replacement Kit Includes Zinc Anode * Thru Rod * New Cap * "O" Ring

Lid Removing Tool #110

lid removing tool

Excellent for removing the tightest most stubborn lids.

Impeller Wedge #111


Designed especially for portable spa booster pumps. Prevents impeller from moving while turning armature counter-clockwise so impeller will unscrew. Made in U.S.A.

Motor Bearing Puller #117

motor bearing puller

Easily removes the most stubborn bearings The unique design allows the puller fingers to fit behind all pool motor bearings. Armature protector included. Made in U.S.

1/8" Hex Wrench Holder #118

hex wrench holder

Back by popular demand! Stainless steel holder with sliding handle for leverage. Tap end of holder with a hammer to loosen tight set screws. Made in U.S.A. 1/8” Replacement Hex Wrench (No. 119)

Closed Impeller Wrench #127

closed impeller wrench

• Versatile, fits all closed impellers. • Large handle for excellent leverage. • Will not cause damage to impeller vanes as would be caused by using a screwdriver to turn impeller. • Made of durable stainless steel and polypropylene for years of service.

Armature Holding Tool #128

armature holding tool

For repairing and rebuilding of Century and Franklin pump motors. • With the Pool Tool Armature Holding Tool you can hold old style Century and Franklin armatures in place for impeller removal. • Unlike a screwdriver, this inexpensive tool is machined to precisely fit the slotted end of the armature so it will not slip out and strip the slot. • This tool fits a 1/2” socket wrench for excellent leverage to remove even the most stubborn impellers.

Skimmer Weir Conversion #130

skim wier conversion

Broken or missing weir blades? Solution: Convert your U-3 type skimmer into a circular weir. Adapter snaps into skimmer basket, allowing the use of a circular weir. Patent Pending.

Light Wedge #132


Holds pool light in when niche tab is stripped or broken. Fits all lights. Keep one in your truck! • The Light Wedge is an inexpensive way to fix broken niche tab. • It’s easy to use and can be installed in less than five minutes! • Made with corrosion resistant polypropylene with a stainless steel screw.

Security Clip #132-A NEW

security light clip

Holds pool light in when niche tab is stripped or broken. Fits all lights. Keep one in your truck! • The Security Clip is an inexpensive way to fix broken niche tab. • It’s easy to use and can be installed in less than five minutes! • Made with corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Handrail Stabilizing Plug 1.9” #144-A

handrail stabalizing plug

Anchor type handrails are often crushed at the end by the underground anchor causing the handrail to loosen and become unstable. Sizing Gauge Included. When hammered into the crushed end of the handrail, the Handrail Stabilizing Plug rounds it out and provides a permanent strong supporting surface for the anchor to tighten against.

Black Algae Scraper #145

algae scraper

Pool Tool’s new Black Algae Scraper is an easy way to remove black algae from plaster pools, and is more effective than a wire brush. The Black Algae Scraper snaps onto any telepole and easily scrapes the algae off pool. It is also helpful for smoothing rough calcium deposits.

Deck Anchor Repair Plate #146

deck anchor repair plate

Stainless steel plate provides a strong base for the wedge to pull up against. Also guarantees proper electric bonding.