Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which anode can I use for pipes larger than 2 inches?

The Zinc Anode Spigot #104-Spigot


2. My zinc anode is eroding! What should I do?

Nothing! It's supposed to erode. The zinc sacrifices itself thereby saving other metals in the pool. Every 6 months, take the anode out and sand off the eroded particles.


3. How long will the anode last after installation?

The anode will need to be replaced after 4-5 years, or when it is half of it's original size.


4. What part do I need to replace the anode for a 104-C/104-D/104-Spigot?

The Replacement Kit #104R-KIT. Comes with a new Anode, O-ring, Thru Rod, and Cap.


5. Will installing a 2" tee on a 4" or 6" pipe slow the water flow?